Where should I go for my flight? This summer, Klondike aairways is operating out of the
Yukon Transportation Museum is located just off the Alaska Highway at Whitehorse Airport. Look for the DC3 on the pedestal right outside.

What should I wear? Regular outdoor clothing appropriate for the temperature of the day is usually adequate. We will loan you a sheepskin jacket as needed (looks great, too). You will also be wearing a leather helmet.

Can I bring a camera? Compact cameras and phones are welcome. Please use a wrist strap or hold on tightly. DSLR cameras are a bit big for the limited cockpit space.

What about eyewear? Sunglasses or regular glasses are adequate to protect your eyes. Goggles are available if you like, and are recommended if you don’t have other glasses (adds to the authentic look, too).

Can I speak to the pilot during flight? The aircraft is equipped with an intercom system so you will be able to talk to the pilot, but we find that most people prefer to just soak up the experience without too much chatter.

Is it difficult getting into and out of the aircraft? Most everyone with normal mobility can enter and exit the aircraft easily. If in doubt, please contact us.

Are there age, height or weight limits? There is no minimum or maximum age, height or weight limits, but younger children may not be tall enough to see over the cockpit rail, and larger passengers may experience discomfort in the narrow seating area. Please contact us or speak to the pilot before your flight if you have any questions or doubts.

Should I come early? Please arrive 15 minutes before your flight. We will contact you if we need to change your booking due to weather or unforeseen circumstances. If in doubt, please call Great River Air at 867-993-4359, or the Yukon Transportation Museum at 867-668-4792.

How do I pay? Payment is collected at the museum after the flight. Credit, debit and cash are accepted.

What about tipping? If you enjoyed your flight, tipping your pilot is appreciated.

Samson, Honourary Ops Manager.
Treats accepted with thanks.